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Welcome to my new homepage! I used to make posts (kind of like Twitter or Mastodon) on my older sites, but now I'm going to approach this site in a more experimental way. This homepage is waived under CC0. I'm a cool programmer who uses free (as in freedom) software exclusively (almost, proprietary BIOS's and bullies gets in my way) and I'm learning to write Less Retarded Software. I'm also hunting for a liberated hardware (e.g. Librebooted Thinkpad, Pokitto) as I only have a lot of capitalist hardware running about 95% free software, such hardware ought to be liberated, but, anyway.

Email me:

My PGP: dolphinana_key.asc

Donate to me!

Monero xmr: 85Bsg1kDVCDLu4kXtDWut2BPXs7AcbXQ7RLK6corkersYVSZCiwBrxQV8F46jYNKNnZjuG2xqSpdQG4k7SedcbVuMBrwLuX

QR code for my Monero address

Please keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are somewhat unethical, sucking a lot of energy (miners), huge blockchains. Below is a list of alternative ways to donate to me:

* Contribute to free software.

* Contribute to coreboot (requires reverse engineering) or its distribution Libreboot or osboot.

* Make free culture games.

* Get rid of Stalin's dream device (reverse engineering them is also a good idea).

* Make copies.

* Encourage me!

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