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Dolphinana's Homepage for May 2022

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This specific homepage is licensed under CC0. (public domain)

2022-05-31 (published 2022-06-01, important!)

tl;dr: My "public domain" music named DolphiCloud and (especially) Outer Space Station, might contain some non-free samples!

Wow, I made this homepage exclusive to May (the month) and I've barely written anything here and it's June soon lol which means it'll be summer :D !!!!! Anyways I have to make a warning about two music I made that was waived under Creative Commons Zero (public domain). There's a possibility that it contains some non-free samples, which means it's not 100% public domain. When I have time, I'll fix that problem. Fortunately, there's not that many non-free stuff in there so it shouldn't be too hard. I apologise for any inconvenience, I didn't know better at the time I made the music.

Also, this post was supposed to be published in May 31st but instead was published the day after.

I guess this specific homepage wasn't used exclusively for May, but almost.

EDIT: By the way, here's the music I'm talking about:

Outer Space Station - OGG file

Bottom Dolphi Clouds - OGG file

Outer Space Station - project file

Bottom Dolphi Cloud - project file


Well, I got a new homepage and I will kick its butt next month.

Anyway, I have found interest in public domain (also known as "anti capitalism"), I like to use informations without getting kicked in the butt by copyright.

While making this new homepage, I was copying files for the old sites and accidently overwrote the new index.html with the old ones, oops... Luckily, I didn't work on this new homepage like a slave so it's not a big of a deal.

Happy Hacking!

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