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TLDR; This page is not truly public domain.

WARNING: Despite this particular site being in "public domain", it still contains some derivative works of copyrighted stuff. I advise you to refrain from treating this as true public domain, because it is not. (this does not apply to other pages of mine though, unless stated)


Welcome to D0lphin4na website!

I can also interpret it as:

Welcome to my ugly website hosted on Neocities!

ugly ugly

Oh woah, I need some CSS here.

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Note: I have removed all images/GIFs above. I want this website to be in public domain and thus, stripping proprietary stuff away is necessary. But the links will stay.


My new homepage is here!


Stallman livestream: link


New onion-site is here: onion-site

I'll have to find a more reliable way to maintain multiple mirrors of this site, might start writing scripts for that purpose.

Anyway, it's the world backup day tomorrow! I sometimes make backups of my data and that has saved me multiple times. I'm gonna give you some of my tips when backing up your data, but keep in mind, I'm not a professional so I might not be the best person to listen to but. Hopefully this will help you so let's go!

Prioritize your most important data

Backing up your most important data should be your placed on high priority, maybe it's most important photos or a project that you're currently working on, it's good idea to prioritize those if you can't copy all of your data. Files that can be refetched from the internet should be placed under lower priority. It can be time consuming to find the most important data so, use storage device with large capacity and backup all of your data if you can. Hard drives should be good for your data and your economy.

Encrypt your data!

Especially if you're uploading private data to the internet. If the data is sensitive and private, you should encrypt it to prevent unwanted snoops from accessing your data.

Softwares that can be used

I don't know the best software to use but, here's some I used:

rsync: It's useful if you want to synchronize files without replacing everything that is essentially the same. It will only copy the files that are new or modified, unchanged files will not be copied and it should save a lot of time if you're syncing large directories. rsync can even send and receive files to and from other computer via networking.

Archiving software: tar, 7-zip and zip for power users.

For graphical front-ends: Ark, file-roller (Archive Manager) and 7-zip.

Veracrypt had a very confusing licensing history, it currently dual licensed under Apache License 2 (freedom) and TrueCrypt License Version 3.0 (not freedom). The latter does not permit running the software without accepting the license. That means you're violating that license if you just got a copy and launched it. So, why's this a problem? The problem is if you use a software under such license as a module for your freely licensed program, that means it will be required for users of your program to accept the license for TrueCrypt, thus, making it incompatible with your current license. Veracrypt can also be licensed under Apache License 2, but the dodgy history of VeraCrypt / TrueCrypt is not compliant with Debian Free Software Guidelines. I will not recommend Veracrypt because of this. Maybe LUKS and some archiving programs can be useful? (I don't know many good encryption program)

Sorry if this section is lacking some software. I'm not the best person to ask if you're looking for archiving programs. Perhaps; this, and this could help you?

Make sure that the software you use respects your freedom, that means you'll have the freedom to use, modify and share the software with changes or not. Your files are safer when using software in freedom. You can read more about software freedom here!

Email me if you have any advice or questions.

I got 500 site visitors on Neocities!

Wow, that was long.

Happy hacking!


I realized that I accidently left a line of text that says "gpg: error reading key: No public key" I left this somewhere on this site, it is now removed but you can see the screenshot I took before I removed it.

Oh, by the way, there is an onion version of my site now! Here it is: my onion-site (EDIT 2022-03-30: This onion-site is dead, the new onion-site can be found above this post)

(the onion-site won't last for so long and might be missing some stuff since I'm just testing around)


Today's my "half" birthday so I'm going to publish a pair of music that I publish half a year ago. The reason why I'm republishing music is because I didn't make use of browser's audio player last time so I'll do that now, for your convenience!

These musics are in OGG formats, it might not work on iOS, also why the hell would you use iOS?

Outer Space Station

Bottom Dolphi Clouds

Outer Space Station - project file
Bottom Dolphi Cloud - project file

The project files are included, it can be opened with LMMS. (keep in mind that some sound samples might not be included)

If you use the musics I made, it would be very nice if you could credit me.

I'll also proudly tell that I have waived all copyrights to my works above. (Yes, it means public domain!)

No Rights Reserved

I attempted to upload musics to LBRY but I don't have enough funds...



LibrePlanet 2022 is starting today!


Meow! X3

(I made this important message using NVim with xterm under dwm running on Debian GNU/Linux. One day, the computer I'll use to write important message like this one, will be running free BIOS :D)

Oh, and my public PGP key is now available so we can scramble our messages! (only if my site visitor ever sends me an email, I haven't gotten any email from site visitors as of March 17th 2022)


Interesting news about the right to install any software on any device and books about software freedom donated to libraries from Free Software Foundation Europe

Also, I was about to post this yesterday but, I couldn't log into Neocities yesterday due to some mistakes I made.


Hello site visitors! I'm typing this on my laptop with 32-bit i686 processor and a Gigabyte of RAM should do the trick. I have been thinking of mirroring this site, especially to the darknet since the clearnet is filled with crappy stuff such as bloat and censorship. I don't know how to host on the darknet, but I'll figure it out, feel free to email me if you have any suggestions. Anyways, I can't get neocities-cli to work on this laptop, this laptop is running Trisquel 9.0 (a GNU/Linux distribution) for i686 based processor. I think they're shipping an outdated version of ruby, but neocities-cli depends on the newer version of ruby so I might have to manually compile it. I'll upload this site once this laptop is connected to the internet, at the time of writing this, I'm outside on the bridge with a dead end. (I don't know the word for "a bridge with a dead end") Walking on that feels kind of like walking to the empty void, seeing few warm lamps distancing further from me. And when I look back, I see a town with lights and the water mirroring the lights, the mirrors look like it's falling apart, bloom'd and flipped upside down.

Have a great evening or day! (depends on when you're reading this)

Oh, my laptop just got automatically connected to a random public network, anyways, cya!


Here's an interesting video on how hard drives work. I know what the internals of the hard drive looks like, but I didn't know about these voltage spikes and many other things mentioned in the video. I can now state that I have more appreciation for these spinning device.

I found the video somewhere on this Wikipedia article.


You can XMPP me now. (go to the top of this homepage for my "JID" or whatever it's called)

I also changed the way E-Mail address displays on this site to make it copy'n pastable with ease. I will eventually put out some encryption keys so we can communicate without those snoopy NSA eyes. Unless you use Windows because it contains a backdoor for sending user data to NSA and even user encryption keys. Wow, this might be what Microsoft was thinking: "I can't wait to lie my users that their files being encrypted and hide the fact that I send the keys to NSA using my super secret proprietary code!" Wooow... I am amazed with their way of encrypting data. This might also apply to other operating systems, especially if the big tech controls it.

This is kind of random but, I found a website called and it is what I call "semi interactive", I thought it uses JavaScript to make the link/picture bigger when a mouse cursor hovers over it. But no, it uses CSS animations, I think? Anyway, it's neat and there's drawings of cats there!

Although, I gotta warn you that this site contains some links to that strange birdsite and some other sites that requires running some non-free JavaScript that spies on you. Visit the site at your own risk and the same may apply for other links from here to the external sites, consider using extensions such as uMatrix and Privacy Redirect to prevent some of that, you're on your own.


An unreleased game I made in Godot Engine for two months ago. I might get back to it...

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

Who's your Valentine?

Mine is free software!

And if you went through this Valentine's Day without a single chocolate, then something's wrong, and you should E-Mail me to get some help. I'm not a therapist but please, don't voice your skepticism, I'll help you. Although, I can't give you a physical chocolate, I might be able to guide you to getting your fingers dirty on a chocolate somehow. Or even better, get a chocolate by yourself and be independent. You don't need a nerdy programmer and pianist like me, you need yourself.

Anyway, if I ever release this game, it will be a free/libre software, just like every software I release from now on.


I got a touchscreen phone named "Sony Xperia M4 Aqua" and I was thinking about unlocking the bootloader to flash some good'ol custom roms. So I tried to download Android SDK onto my personal computer because I needed a program to unlock the bootloader and found out that the prebuilt binary for Android SDK is a non-free user subjugating software that divides its users, So I looked at the Wikipedia page for Android Studio and found out that only the source code is licensed under Apache-2, the prebuilt binary is proprietary. (which I find it to be really strange, just license the program in general... Oh, and I also confused these two programs as a single program) I decided to fetch the source code for Android to keep my freedom, and it took forever to download! (It actually took a day to download...) And then I found out that the source code is over a hundred gigabytes! Who at Google thought it was a good idea to bloat Android like this? And what kind of evil person who would trap people into running non-free software like that, and that "only the advanced users" should be in freedom? Anyway, I gotta go and unlock the bootloader on that "portable surveillance tracking device" to keep the devils out of it. Happy Hacky!!!


I added some web pins to promote other websites and more.

I will also make my own pins for you to put on your own website eventually, enjoy!


Help Chile to take a step towards software freedom

I don't have time to write about this so I'll just put a couple of links here

Help Chile write free software values, privacy, and digital sovereignty into their constitution - Drew DeVault

Chile citizens: Support these constitutional proposals for free software and user privacy by Feb 1 - Free Software Foundation


(This upload date might not be accurate)

Hello visitors! I removed Odysee video embeddings and replaced it with both pure LBRY url and Librarian url (Librarian is kind of like Invidious but for LBRY). The reason behind this, is that i don't feel that Odysee is trustworthy. There are too much third-party stuff including Google Analytics and you can't watch Odysee videos without JavaScript. So, the change should fix these problems. I hope that we can together, make the World Wide Web less dependent, we'll make it more chilly B)

Oh, and i also placed my email address somewhere on this site and even my Monero address so you can tip me some nuggets if that's what you want to? Thank you Luke Smith for showing how to setup Monero wallet to receive XMR!


Looks like the game Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story) is seventeen years old so it looks like i can say: Happy 17th anniversary Doukutsu Monogatari! I first played it for two years ago and i liked it. Oh and i also like the clouds in the game which can be found at the outer wall and the balcony. :)

(The image was taken directly from )


macOS is just a bootlegged *BSD :P (Not really though). Good night!


Yesterday, the movie "Arashi no Yoru ni" turned sixteen!

To celebrate its 16th anniversary, i played its theme song on piano. I love this movie, the main character is memorable, the background is filled with colors, the soundtrack is just great and the movie is adorable. Be sure to watch this movie if you haven't.

Watch the video with LBRY client
Watch the video with Librarian (Kind of like Invidious but for LBRY)

I actually discovered this movie on november 30th when i turned on the television because i was bored, i only found some politics and some boring mainstream stuff, no wonder why many people got rid of "tv". So i decided to turn on DVD/HDD player that can both play videos and record from television. (I will write more about this later...)



Watch the video with LBRY client
Watch the video with Librarian


Heres the source code for my may 2021 demo:


It's my birthday! 2021-09-23

Today is my birthday! And i am happy about that :) I don't have much to put here but i want to share my music i made last year.

BottomDolphiClouds.ogg OuterSpaceStation.ogg sadcjcsdgach.ogg (Don't bother...)

Thank you for listening and have a good day. Happy birthday to me!

Outdated stuff

I got tha new site :D

Bye Microsoft Github pages XP

My old site!


lets take back // ignore this line of text :P